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Flexible Dew Shields

Flexible Dew Shields for Meade Telescopes & Celestron Telescopes
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Flexible Dew Shield for Meade Telescopes & Celestron Telescopes

Flexible Dew Shield for Meade Telescopes & Celestron Telescopes

Flexible dew shield, close cell foam rubber- advantage

Flexible dew shield by ATOZstars is made of black close cell foam rubber material, which is oil resistant, ozone resistant and fire retardant. Flexible dew shield by ATOZstars will maintain temperature much long than dew shield made with hard plastic because the close cell foam rubber sheet is a very good insulator.
Flexible dew shield by ATOZstars has non-reflective flat black matt surface, which is essential to eliminate glare cause by stray light. Flexible dew shield by ATOZstars uses close cell foam rubber material, 3/16" thick, light weight, yet firm and rigid to maintain cylindrical shape.

Flexible dew shield, ABS plastic sheeting-disadvantages

Flexible dew shield that is made of flexible ABS plastics sheeting has many disadvantages. This type of flexible dew shield works well except that it is difficult to store. . Flexible dew shields that are made of plastic sheeting can be lay flat when not in use. However, it is too long laying flat. Plastic sheeting flexible dew shield are also too bulking when rolled up. It will not fit in my telescope hard case. There is no good way to store this type of flexible dew shields. Lastly, the edge of the dew shield comes apart when this type of dew shield is roll up tight.

Flexible dew shield that is made of plastic sheeting may not have a matt interior surface and would reflex stray light. A reflective surface of the plastic sheeting flexible dew shield would totally defeat the purpose of have a dew shield. This property is especially important if the flexible dew shield is to be use as a lens shade.

Flexible Dew Shield for Meade Telescopes & Celestron Telescopes
Flexible Dew Shield with flat black surface You need a flat black non-reflective surface
This is a light reflection and glare comparison of the interior surface of our dew shield and other flexible ABS dew shield.

The flat black surface on the right is our dew shield. No reflection, no glare.

The shinny, reflective surface on the left is a flexible ABS plastic dew shield, which has lot of reflection and glare.

flexible dew shield Roll up tight for easy storage Roll up tight for easy storage
Our Celestron Dew shield compatible Flexible dew shield can be roll up tightly for easy storage.

Other dew shield that is made of flexible ABS plastic can not be rolled up tight. The edge of this type of fleixible dew shield would come apart when rolled tight!

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