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Meade ETX-90EC Telescope

Meade ETX-90EC Telescope with Meade 1244 electric focuser
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Meade ETX-90EC
The Meade telescope that changed Amateur Astronomy forever
My first GOTO telescope
Meade ETX-90EC telescope, #1244Electric Focuser, #673 Dew Shield

Meade ETX-90EC, my first "GOTO" telescope.

This is my first Meade telescope and I now own three Meade telescopes. Meade telescopes are all well made and have earned a very good reputation.

Meade #1244 electric focuser was installed many months later after I found out I cannot focus the telescope in some postions. I used to use a flexible focuser that I made before I bought the Meade #1244 electric focuser.

I have learn most about Polar alignment, telescope tune up on my Meade ETX telescopes from this Meade ETX-90EC astronomical telescope. Everything in this ETX-90EC telescope have been tight up and adjusted for top performance. There is hardly any free play anywhere in my Meade ETX-90EC telescope. 90% of target stars appear in the viewfinder or just outside the field of view of the viewfinder. Better then 75% target stars appear in the 26mm eyepieces.

Meade ETX-90EC telescope at 9 lb, isthe best comprimise between weight and performance. The Meade ETX-125EC telescope at 18 lb, is huge and too heavy to carry around.

Meade ETX-90EC telescope,#1244 Electric Focuser , Rightangle Viewfinder, #673 Dew Shield
My first GOTO telescope
Meade ETX-90EC telescope, #1244Electric Focuser
#673 Dew Shield


Meade ETX-90EC, from Meade Corporation:

When the original ETX ® telescope was introduced in 1996, it quickly created a revolution in amateur astronomy. Here for the first time was a stunningly beautiful, ultraportable, and highly versatile telescope system of unprecedented optical resolution and performance. Within one year of its introduction the ETX became the largest-selling modern telescope in the world. Meade ETX-90EC, ETX-105EC, and ETX-125EC models build on the original ETX concept to create the most advanced electronically-controlled telescopes — including optional automatic GO TO object-location with the Autostar ™ Computer Controller — ever produced in their price range. And yet without sacrificing any of the user-friendly features that started the ETX revolution.

ETX-90EC Astro Telescope: For the casual or beginning observer the Meade ETX-90EC may be all the telescope ever required. Or, for the advanced astronomer who already owns a larger instrument, the ETX-90EC is the perfect ultraportable, diffraction-limited field telescope. Observe the continually changing cloud-belt patterns on the surface of the planet Jupiter; shadows cast on to Jupiter as one of its four principal satellites transits the planet's disc; the magnificent ring system and satellites of Saturn as well as dusky markings and the ring-shadow on the surface of Saturn; Moon craters by the hundred, plus lunar rilles, mountain ranges, and fault lines, all visible in brilliant, high-resolution, high-contrast detail; the variable phases of the planets Mercury and Venus; prominent features on the surface of Mars. In deep-space the motivated observer will find it difficult to exhaust the quantity of visible phenomena: the incandescent filamentary structure of the Orion Nebula; the elliptical luminosity of the Andromeda Galaxy with its brilliant nucleus; the shining orb of the Hercules globular cluster with many of its outermost stars resolvable. These are only a few of the literally thousands of celestial objects within the view of the Meade ETX-90EC telescope. Star catalogs list innumerable double and multiple star systems, variable stars, open star clusters, globular clusters, diffuse nebulosities, planetary nebulae, and spiral galaxies within the grasp of the instrument. The optional Autostar Computer Controller can locate all of these objects automatically, in seconds.

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