We are glad to give our dear readers some suggestions and tips on how to prepare and maintain a healthy roof this autumn season. Moreover, we can help you guarantee optimal shape for your roof this upcoming winter season as well. Check out the following tips according to the experts: 

Shingle and roof repair 

Before the temperature reaches the freezing/cold levels, repairing any weak spots that your roof potentially has would be a great idea. When any of your roof’s shingles as buckling, curling, or torn, fall is the best time to get the, replaced. When your neglect and refuse to take action to damaged shingles, expect your roof to suffer from water damage.? 

The accumulated snow and ice on your roof will get absorbed into weak seams, holes, and cracks. Because of that, it’s better if you deal with such issues before the leaks start or become worse due to severe weather conditions.? 

Chimney maintenance 

Every autumn season, property owners who have fireplaces or chimneys usually have several elements that help keep them sealed and keep them from leaking. Chimney flashing is the metal sealant utilized to guarantee the water-tight bond between the chimney stack’s vertical protrusion and the roof. Once the flashing is compromised and old, the water-tight bond of your roof can become loose, resulting in leaks.? 

Expert roofing contractors with several years of experience need to do chimney inspections once they check commercial or residential roofs. 

Chimney caps can keep your fireplace safe from nay any animals seeking to live inside your chimney for shelter and warmth. When you do not have a chimney cap, It would be nice to have one installed before the colder season sets in.? 

Inspect your skylights 

While the weather becomes much colder, a lot of people will be turning on their heat for the first time in a few months this autumn. If you have a compromised seal all over your skylights, you will more likely lose heat, and even be pushed to handle water leaks into your house.? 

With this in mind, it’s really crucial to go around and check every skylight you have from the inside of your house to check if you really have poor skylight bonds and seals. Go search for signs of leaks and feel for drafts. As soon as you’ve verified that you have unfunctional skylights, then do not hesitate to reach out to a?roofing Oakland?pro to check them on the outside and perform the needed repairs—such as weatherstripping.? 

Unclog your gutters always 

Gutters are needed to maintain a healthy home and roof, and once they become backed up by sticks, pine needles, excess leaves, and other fragments associated with fall, it is not beneficial for anyone.? 

Backed up gutters can result in precipitation and rainwater inappropriately pool on your roofing, gather, and potentially lead to damage to your house.? 

Make sure that your gutters are always uncompromised and clear by consulting with a roofing expert especially if you don’t feel comfortable or safe while checking your downspouts and gutters.?