Search Engine Optimization by Design
Site Launch Date: June 3, 2003. is a dynamic web site using a Search Engine Optimized version of CP shopping cart. This web site is setup to demonstrate how shopping cart web pages can be search engine optimized automatically by programming and design. Search Engine Optimization elements are designed and programmed in to the structure of the shopping cart to achieve top ranking. The programmed features includes

1) Dynamic Title Tag
2) Dynamic Description Meta Tag
3) Dynamic Keyword Meta Tag
4) Dynamic page banner description
5) Dynamic ALT tags
6) Keyword Placement Enhancement
7) Keyword Prominence Enhancement
7) Additional Product links
8) All product links page
9) Enhanced Category Feature List
10) Random Product display in non-redirected Home page and feature page.
11) Search Engine Optimized Product detail page
12) Allow individual Title, description and keyword tags for non-CandyPress pages but still use CandyPress Template.

These are the major features that are essential to rank well with Google. I program these features in the CandyPress shopping cart base on my analysis of the Google Search Engine ranking algorithms. None of these Search Engine Enhencement requires a database change.

This web site is designed to rank well with all search engines. Google has the most search engine activities. Therefore Google is the most important search engine to rank well. The Search Engine Optimization of the shopping cart is targeted to ranking high with Google search engine. Our Search Engine Optimization technology is, however, universal for all other search engines. This means our search engine optimization wills produce high search result ranking in other search engine as well.

I have another site that has the same-targeted keywords as The difference between these two sites is that has much static content that is search engine optimized page by page manually. ranks top 5 or better in 90% of targeted keywords. is a very good demonstration that dynamic shopping cart can rank as good as web site that are optimized manually.

Here is the result on Google. Ranking result on other search engines would be very similar.

Search Engine Ranking of

First appear in Google:June, 21, 2003 Result on July 12, 2003

This is an good indication of the improvement of the initial result and the result after three week A huge jump!

Google search engine usually do not crawl all the pages and index all the page in one visite. Some pages may not get crawled or indexed for up to 90 day. This is why some pages or keywords have not ranking. Most search engine will return to a site that updates and changes often. The CP shopping Cart that is used in has a feature in several pages that will make the site appear to be changed or updated everytime the search engine robot come to visite

Google Result:August, 01, 2003 Google Result:August, 04, 2003
Many of the keywords, has actually ranked higher than See the huge jump of the frist five keywords/key phrases
Google Result:September, 22, 2003  

There are now 21 keyword/key phrase out of 24 that is in the frist page of search result in Google.

Only 3 is not in the first page but is moving up on the rank.


Here is an example:

Keyword: Meade dew shield

Optimized by design: dynamic Page:

Optimized manually static page